Please select a country to see the shipping costs:
In countries of the EU you don't have to pay any taxes or additonal fees.
So just add shipping and that's it.

For Switzerland and Norway we exclude the German VAT in the basket system when you order online. So you have to pay shipping + your VAT + duty fees.
All parcels are covered by insurance.
How to order - step by step
  1. go to the product you like to order and click on "bestellen"
  2. add accessories if you like
  3. click on "weiter" in the basket
  4. click on "weiter"
  5. create a new customer account or use your existing one
  6. fill in your invoice address and choose your country, fill out the delivery address if this is different (if not leave it)
  7. click on "weiter"
  8. choose your payment method. The first is upfront money transfer ("Vorkasse"), the second one is creditcard ("Kreditkarte")
  9. if you have choosen creditcard fill in the 16 digit number, the security code on the back and the "valid until" date
  10. click on "weiter"
  11. check the whole order again and pay attention to your email address, that it is written correctly !
  12. finally scroll down, tick the checkbox "Ich bin mit den AGB einverstanden..." and click on "Absenden" to complete the order.
You will receive an Email with the order confirmation. Please check your SPAM-Filter too. If you have choosen money transfer as payment method you will get our IBAN and BIC/SWIFT Code (International Bank Account Numbers) in the email to transfer the money with the order ID to our bank account.

An english version of our website is in progress!
If you want to order or have some questions please write an email to
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